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ImageThe Environmental Exhibition is designed to showcase innovative solutions to environmental issues in Palestine, and empower students to discover their own creative solutions and become actors for sustainable change. It aims, through the utilization of paintings, samples and several visual aids, to promote environmental awareness, increase interest in the preservation of the environment, ensure the right of human beings to live in a healthy environment and assist them in reducing environmental hazards they are confronted with.

Inside the exhibition are numerous photos and drawings that document the flora and fauna in Palestine, as well as hands-on experiments on weather, recycling, water conservation, and other vital ecological concepts. A joint project between the European Natural Heritage Fund (EuroNatur -Germany) and the CPNP established an exhibition named The White Stork, which is a light-show displaying the migration routes of the Stork and Crane. Our leading ornithologist, Riad Abu Sa'ad leads visitors through this exhibition. The Stork knows no boundaries, from Europe through the Middle East and on to Africa and back. In the exhibition this bird tells about the different environmental problems affecting both his life and the life of other creatures.