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ImageWe’ve heard a lot about global climate change—in the news, in the media, from our politicians and our friends.  But what does all this talk really mean?  What does global climate change mean for us and for our communities, both now and in the future? 

Here at EEC we are working hard to relay the latest up-to-date information on how global climate change specifically affects Middle Eastern ecosystems and populations, and what steps we can take to combat its negative impacts.

The extent to which global climate change will severely affect our region is unclear; what we do know, however, is that climate change is an immediate reality that is directly linked to the actions and decisions that humans make in their every-day lives.  The use of harmful CFCs and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere is disrupting weather patterns around the world, leading to drought and water shortages in some areas, and conversely to floods and violent natural disasters in other areas.  Temperature increases in certain regions directly contribute to the loss of ice-mass in the arctic regions and the rise of global sea-levels, posing immanent dangers to various species of plants and animals as well as human populations. Even though we may not directly feel the consequences of these climactic changes at this moment, this issue is one that will affect the world for generations to come and powerfully demonstrates the need for dialogue and collaboration at local, national, and international levels.

To learn more about global climate change, check out these resources:
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Things you can do:

  • Drive less: take public transportation, share your vehicles
  • Conserve electricity: turn off lights, unplug electronic equipment
  • Don’t use harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or cleaning products
  • Pressure your local and international representatives to make better policies

See more things you can do at UNEP