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ImageHere at the EEC we utilize a rights-based approach to both environmental and community issues, so through all of our programs we strive to enhance the capacity of individuals and community groups to fully realize their rights.  We specifically target students, women, and local decision-makers on a regular basis, as well as local farmers, factory workers, university students, villagers, and other marginalized groups.  Our workshops, seminars, and training sessions for these groups are based on participatory models that improve their ability to know and exercise their rights, and deepen their understanding of social and environmental issues as they relate to every-day life.

The EEC fully recognizes the complexity of the social situation in Palestine, and has taken steps towards implementing sustainable change at every level of the program's structure.  We are acutely aware of how social and environmental problems affect individuals and communities in different ways, and so we seek to promote gender equality and equal access through all of the programs we operate. 

As Palestinian women continue to be affected by the hardships and turmoil of occupation in gender-specific ways, it is crucial to provide this sector of the population with the resources necessary to carry on everyday tasks and activities.  Through our capacity-building workshops and programs, we hope to give these women some tools to deal with the pressures of waste management and water conservation in the home.  An equally important aspect of our rationale is to provide local women with a space where they can meet and discuss creative new strategies to combat the inequalities they face, and find a creative outlet for building community dynamics and networks of support.  In addition, these workshops are designed to strengthen and enhance the role of women in the public sphere, as they become more involved in decision-making processes and find opportunities to make their voice heard.