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ImageThe environment can't wait.  And neither can we.  It is time to act now, to become agents for change and foment a ground-breaking shift in the way we think about our habitat, our community, and the world.  To this end, the EEC has initiated a series of efforts to enhance the media's attention towards environmental issues and build up broad-based, grassroots public awareness.  Through widely-distributed multimedia broadcasts and educational publicity, we have bolstered our efforts to educate about local cultural and ecological diversity and the importance of responsible community stewardship, while also working to build transnational networks for communication and cooperation.

Raising environmental awareness through media has the capacity to impact a much larger population, so in addition to covering all our activities through local journalism outlets, the EEC prepared and broadcasted an environmental TV program on Bethlehem local television this year.  This program brought attention to specific environmental and health issues that affect our daily lives, through reportage, discussions, and interviews with decision makers and academics.