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ImageEach summer, the EEC organizes environmental science camps for students from a variety of different religious, economic, and social backgrounds.  The camp provides a fun, recreational setting where these students can interact with each other and learn about the different viewpoints and perspectives of their fellow students.

The program includes educational games and kinesthetic, hands-on activities for the students to get actively involved and learn more about their natural surroundings.  They tour the facilities at EEC, explore environmental issues through art and drama, and receive lectures on both local and global environmental concepts and problems.  Through these activities they are given tools for understanding their own impact on the environment and how to change their roles in relating to nature and protecting natural resources.  At Dar Annadwa International Center they learn how to make recycled paper and reuse glass for artistic projects.

In addition, there are numerous field trips to both natural and cultural sites, and the students are able to visit a number of social organizations including the SOS Village and the Holy Family Center.  These trips enabled the students to witness the circumstances and living situation of multiple social groups throughout the area, and gave them a taste of the economic and cultural diversity of their neighbors.

Voluntary tree-planting activities are also part of the camp, which assist the students in developing their personal strengths and abilities to contribute in constructive, meaningful ways towards the greater good of society and the environment.  By attending this camp, students are able to engage in dynamic activities that foster their relationships with each other and with the environment, while encouraging personal growth and community dynamics.  The camp enables them to learn about critical ecological issues while also empowering them to be catalysts for positive change.

During the EEC's summer camp in Ramallah in June 2008, the students visited the Arabic Women's Forum in Al-Bireh, where they were able to interact with members of the Elderly Care Center.  Many of the students formed meaningful relationships with the elderly persons at the Center, and some even volunteered to return and help out whenever they could.