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ImageThrough volunteer work, individuals gain valuable personal development and leadership skills while also benefiting their communities.  Here in Palestine, we are trying to strengthen and improve young peoples' attitudes towards volunteer work in order to foster participation and community dynamics.  Volunteering can be fun and exciting for all involved – particularly through our olive-picking, tree-planting, and clean-up campaigns.

The EEC’s clean-up campaigns culminate in an ongoing community-wide project to promote positive ecological behavior and create a clean, healthy environment to live in.  The combination of environmental mismanagement, the lack of public awareness and the restrictions on municipal capabilities have led to the rapid degradation of environments around the West Bank, and the accumulation of excess waste and potentially hazardous materials in public areas. 

ImageAt the clean up day “Tal Al-Khader,” over 170 volunteers, students, governmental and non-governmental representatives succeeded in collecting over 30 tons of waste.  Through projects and clean-up days like this, we hope to inspire individuals and entire communities to care for their environment and work towards lasting change.