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ImageThroughout history, artists have played a central role in revitalizing culture and revolutionizing the way we think.  Teaming up environmental issues with the work of local artists has given us insight into ways of expressing inspiring solutions and reaching out to new, diverse communities.  By encouraging more young students to experiment with new artistic mediums and environmental themes, we hope to foster the creativity and innovative expression of the next generation.

Wall Magazine Competition
Using everything from recycled paper and paints to real tree bark, kaffiyehs, flags and more, local students took creativity to a new level with this year's Wall Magazine Competition.  Participants from twenty-five different schools put together fascinating displays of hand-made recycled materials that told stories about the significance of the olive tree, the meaning of the environment, and different aspects of life in Palestine.  Through the work of their hands and their imaginative vision for reusing old materials, these students were able to weave together the stories of their lives into stunning, three-dimensional artistic displays.

ImageSpring Festival Drawing, Literature, and Photography Competitions
To coincide with the Spring Festival, the EEC organized three artistic competitions for students around the theme of "Our Vibrant and Colorful Palestinian Nature."  The students came to the EEC campus, where they had the chance to explore the Botanical Garden and revel in the atmosphere of the great outdoors, to gain inspiration for photographs, drawings, and written compositions.  The results were inspirational, as the students created striking works or art to reflect their vision about the beauty of spring.