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ImageFestivals provide a fun and relaxing way for the community to celebrate and affirm its rich cultural and environmental heritage, while also serving the vital function of spreading awareness about the environment, fair-trade concepts, organic farming and more to the broader community. 

Hosting the annual Spring Festival and Olive Harvest Festivals is a critical part of this work, as these festivals provide an interface for agricultural and economic development that will positively impact the daily lives of citizens.  Musical performances, dance, and displays of traditional arts and crafts make these festival a joyous occasion for all involved, while helping local farmers to sell their goods and maintain their traditional ways of life.

ImageThe EEC also arranges a number of community celebrations and special activities for World Environment Day, Palestinian Child Day, Arbor Day, and other occasions.  Through these celebrations students are given a chance to showcase their work and gain greater public recognition, building up their role in the public sphere.