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ImageThrough this year's planting campaigns, we were able to plant over 2,000 new trees in the Bethlehem and Jerusalem areas.  These trees are a symbol of hope and resilience, creating green spaces that the public can enjoy and benefit from.  These planting campaigns were particularly important in areas near illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall, where Palestinian land is in constant peril of confiscation and infringement. 

The simple act of planting trees in these areas is a meaningful way to support and assist the local farmers who own the land, breeding new possibilities in barren places.  In the village Hazma, located near the Apartheid Wall, the EEC held a special planting campaign on Palestinian Land Day.  Both locals and internationals from all socio-economic groups attended the event, planting almond, olive, and fig trees whose produce will generate additional income and support for local community members.

 In Beddo, a similar campaign was conducted around the home of a local farmer, Mr. Sabri Ghraib, whose property is encroached on three sides by a burgeoning Israeli settlement.  These activities work to prevent further encroachment, desertification and soil erosion, and help sustain the hope of marginalized groups like the Ghraib family.