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Waste Management

The EEC is working towards implementing innovative waste management solutions in response to the obstacles impacting municipal waste management in Palestine. In 2002, the EEC launched a project with local schools in Bethlehem to recycle paper and glass on campus. The first paper recycling center was established at Dar Al-Kalima School, with a second center following at Talitha Kumi School. The students produced greeting cards using recycled paper and sent them to Germany through a pen-pal program. 


Since then, twelve recycling centers have been set up at schools and the EEC provides all the required equipment, materials, supervision, and training as well as containers for collecting paper. The recycled paper products include wall magazines, scrapbooks, cards, and envelopes.


A third component of the program is in development for organic waste produced at the schools. Composting the organic material can create natural soil and fertilizer, which can be used to develop gardens at the schools and elsewhere. The EEC has a composting program at the center which is used as a model to develop similar programs in the schools.