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Botanical Garden

Our botanical garden features native trees, flowers, and other plants from modern and biblical times. You can explore the native plants through our wooded walking trails, enjoy panoramic views from the patio, and learn more about native flora and fauna.

Located 913 meters above sea level between the Jordan Rift Valley and the Mediterranean Plain, our garden provides a unique and diverse location for flora and fauna. The garden contains unique native species such as the Palestinian Pistachio, Syrian Pear, Cyprus Pine, spiny hawthorn, and carob trees. 


Our water treatment system filters and renews waste water from the Talitha Kumi School, which is then used to irrigate the gardens. The recycling of waste water is increasingly important in Palestine due to shortages of clean water and water filtration and recycling systems are being developed for widespread use in Palestine. The water treatment system and ponds in the garden make it an attractive location for local and migratory bird populations, as well as other local animal species, contributing to our research on Palestinian ecosystems. 


The outdoor classroom in the garden provides an engaging learning space for students and visitors to learn about native plants and animals. The EEC uses this classroom to engage visitors on issues of eco-tourism, conservation, sustainability, and biodiversity. Guiding visitors through the gardens and using this classroom helps the EEC educate visitors on the natural Palestinian environment and the impact that our lives can have on the environment.