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The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) is a nonprofit non-governmental centre that is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL). We were established in 1998 and formally registered on 2010. The EEC is working in Palestine and works mainly in three districts: Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jerusalem. 

The EEC tackles all environmental issues and their effects on social, cultural and economic life. We contribute to the sustainable development of society. 


• To assist society and its various members to understand the interaction of human beings within their surrounding environment and the type of relationship and role that affects their connection with it. 

• To activate the concepts of preserving the environment and its natural elements

• To increase awareness about economic, scientific and cultural values of natural resources.

• To formulate and develop positive values, guidance and the necessary skills to understand the relationships that connects human beings with their surrounding environment. 

• To contribute in promoting and raising the awareness of our targeted groups about environmental issues related to global climate change, global warming, biodiversity, Pollution, natural resources and its management, Eco tourism, environmental enhancement. 

• To protect the biodiversity and the eco-tourism at the EEC 

• To empower our beneficiaries with tools and techniques needed to be able to convey knowledge and skills to others

• To contribute in improving Advocacy to take action towards sustainable change